Well, I made it through surgery, as far as I can tell. As for the pain I was hearing about? Daahhh! It’s not that bad. I am able to take shallow breaths between the back-muscle contractions. It’s great, so far.

Actually, I am doing pretty well. The [oodles of] pain medicine help manage the pain, and my sister is caring for me like I was her own family or something. How great of her.

Price has also been instrumental in making the transition from some-pain to ultra-pain a smooth one. (She has also been a great source of pain.)

There will be some super-cool pictures to come. However, I only have a handful of the very gorey ones yet. So, it will be a bit before the real meaty material comes. I’ll try to put some tasty pictures up in the near future, and do something about the header on this blog’s style.

Big Matt


6 thoughts on “Howdy

  1. Hey there!!!! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you and hope that you are doing better. Misty has been filling me in on everything. I’m glad you came out of surgery ok. Well, pain sucks, huh?? But the meds…..ahhhhh…..the meds……they are golden!!! 😉 Hey, I noticed that you call Misty “Price”… you ever just call her Misty? Just curious. 😉 Welp, take care little buddy….be good and get plenty of rest.

    Talk to you soon!

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