Doing alright

Pain is still a factor. However, I am doing alright. I have some attained the ability to pass out at the drop of a hat. I woke up w/ my torso at about a 90? angle in a desk chair the other day.? That’s always fun.

For those who held concern on the topic:? the doo fairy came and tapped me on the noggin with his magic wand.? Actually, he brought a crew of his boys and they beat me down w/ their magic wands.? I have no problem in the doo dept now.? (For those of you who do not know, Oxyconton can cause the recipient’s digestive system to hibernate).

That’s it for now…? Big Matt — out


3 thoughts on “Doing alright

  1. Are you getting any pictures of the “dukes” for the database? They’ve got to be good. Maybe you can get Misty to help out!!! Need me to drop some “castles” by the house? That could help the case.

  2. Good to hear that, I’ve informed the newest loser who had picked “Matt will never poo again” that it’s all over now. Really, all that’s left is if you can still crash into people while driving…

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