Weekend getaway

I’ve headed out to the country — Russellville, IN — for a relaxing getaway from the hectic hustle-and-bustle of my busy big-city apartment. Out of cell phone range, miles from anything resembling a business/merchant/restaurant; just the peaceful bliss of being in the sticks, with the faint twang of dueling banjos off in the distance.? I am even using dial-up to be able to connect and compose this… old-school!

Still doing well with the pain, though the attention span is a bit short (thanks to the amount of drugs). So far, I have fallen asleep three (3) times while typing this entry. Well, I’m off to get ready for the ho-down that is to take place later this evening. Later for now.

-Big Matt-


One thought on “Weekend getaway

  1. Hope you haven’t had too many withdrawal symptoms… not only from the drugs, but now you have to be without Super Target, Fry’s, and high-speed internet! 🙂

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