Picture Proof

After a non-tedious, not-extremely-involved, barely-any-work-involved evening, I finally posted some pix. The gallery goes from the night before surgery to the start of February.

Warning: if you are faint of heart, weak in constitution, pregnant or expecting to be, overly nervous, or are the proud owner/user of a pacemaker, you might not want to see all of the pictures.

Naw, it’s not that bad. There are some gnarly shots in there, though. Do not say that you were not warned. For those unaccustomed to galleries — they contain albums and such. You click on them to see more pictures. You can also click on the desired picture to see a larger version of it. What a great, interactive way to share… See the albums at:
Back Surgery ’06

Enjoy, and let me know which one weakens your stomach the most.

Big Matt


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