Not much exciting

Things have been moving along about the same. Still trying to cut back on the dosages without bringing on the pain. The lumpy back is kind of smoothing out. I can almost lie on my back without feeling like a teeter-totter.

I got a ride out to the sticks again, and worked on a wood-working project a bit (some 6″ salt and pepper shakers). I believe that it is a good idea to be operating a sander while looped out on narcotics.

I’m guessing that people are quite tired of taxiing my silly ass all around the country side. Soon, I’ll be able to burn up the asphalt like I once did… soon. That’s it for now, I guess.


5 thoughts on “Not much exciting

  1. Matt does wood working? Will wonders never cease?
    Matt, make me a new dining room table, I need one that seats 12. Chop chop!

  2. Chop suey Dizzle! That fool ain’t gonna make shiz-nit fo’ yo azz!

    However, I could use some built-in cubby slots, about 78″ long, comprised of 3 cubbys and about 20″ in height. Maybe I need to accompany you sometime out to the sticks and use some of the shop equipment?

    Let’s revisit this topic sometime after the Chi-Town trip/

  3. I am taking orders. Anything that you can think of, I will make it out of wood for you — anyone. Just ask, and I’ll have it done and delivered in under one (1) day

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