Well, I recently received an invitation to hang out in Chi-Town for a short while. The issue: getting there without driving. The solution: ride a train. If you’ve not been in the Indianapolis train station, get there. Especially early morning — breath-taking.

I then [eventually] boarded the train in the pre-dawn darkness and with very little on-board light. I found my seat and was completely comfortable with my safety, though I could not see the person seated next to me. About five (5) hours later, I was [finally] safely in the Windy City. Whew. I do not know if it was the meds, but I came close to hoarking in the spacious latrine on the smooth-riding train. Maybe it was just the constant jostling…

So, here I am, both chilling and kicking it. Fewer meds as I go (skipping doses and such). Barely any withdrawal symptoms (just the chilling). There are a few pix of the train stuff that I will probably get posted, eventually. I know that people are on the edge of their seat in anticipation…

Big Matt — out


3 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Let’s see the photos! Didn’t realize you were such the seasoned traveler. I feel for you, the last time I was on a train, I about hoarked myself. Guess it runs in the family. Keep getting better!

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