Back from Chi-Town

Well, I’ve actually been back for about a week, now. I just finally posted the pix from that excursion (available at [new window]). I didn’t get any shots from the shady parts of the train ride. There are some nice shots of Chicago’s Union Station in there, though. That place puts Indy’s shanty-of-a-trainstation to shame.

Had some pretty good times. Hung out, ate well (the Omega in Des Plaines is a breakfast favorite), and lost a little cash playing Black Jack on a riverboat in Elgin, IL. Then, caught a ride back to Fishers w/ a friend (my buddy’s dad), after setting up their new iMac for them.

Pretty good trip, overall. Didn’t have any narcoleptic episodes — the drug dosage levels continue to drop. Might be heading back to work somewhat soon. That’ll be the end of the exciting train rides for a while…

That’s it for now

Big Matt


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