Better yet

With the exception of a few cases of the chills and the shakes, I’m no longer dependent on Oxycontin. I’ve been able to drive w/o much issue for the last 5 or so days.

I have regained the mastery of each of the six (6) strings of my guitars, and can once again whip out a nasty rendition of the theme to Super Mario Brothers. Rock.

I begin working from home next week (28 Mar 2006). The plan is to then be back in the office on 05 Apr 2006. I have just realized that the withdrawal symptoms that I am experiencing may actually be due to the lack of SLMA and not due to the lack of an opiate in my system.

Until next time-

Big Matt


2 thoughts on “Better yet

  1. Glad to hear you kicked the habit (Oxycontin)…thought I would have to visit you in rehab! Just kidding!! Look forward to having you back at work.

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