Upgrades — WP 2.3

Holy shiznit — someone finally decided to spend a couple of minutes and update this blog? Goodness. Well, it just took a trip to the Pacific NW to get me going, but hot damn, here I am.

Enjoying some good times out here, doing a bit of training. Got to go see JCPWP, Tiffie, and the two Boren boys. Also got to see George, who was so happy to see me that hit bit my lip off. I only lost about six (6) ounces of blood — np.

Well, I’m sure that there will be some pix to accompany the next post or two — nothing for now, though. I’ve been getting beat down in Fantasy Football, but may have broken my three (3) game losing streak today. Office Party (opponent) is clearly an inferior FF’er. Until nexx time.


Blog it Up!

Holy up-to-date blogs!

“How friggin’ long you gonna go between posts, Holmes?”
– Long-time Reader

Oh, a while or so. Well, fret no mo. Here’s a post. About 363 days since Big Matt had the titanium upgrades installed in his broken back. If you have not seen the upgrades, check ’em out in the gallery in the X-Ray Gallery (new window).

Been busy, lotsa work, some play. Need to start getting some personal stuff done, instead of dedicating soo much time to the career (and to the food challenge recruitment).? Eventually.

Meanwhile, I’m out

Better yet

With the exception of a few cases of the chills and the shakes, I’m no longer dependent on Oxycontin. I’ve been able to drive w/o much issue for the last 5 or so days.

I have regained the mastery of each of the six (6) strings of my guitars, and can once again whip out a nasty rendition of the theme to Super Mario Brothers. Rock.

I begin working from home next week (28 Mar 2006). The plan is to then be back in the office on 05 Apr 2006. I have just realized that the withdrawal symptoms that I am experiencing may actually be due to the lack of SLMA and not due to the lack of an opiate in my system.

Until next time-

Big Matt

Back from Chi-Town

Well, I’ve actually been back for about a week, now. I just finally posted the pix from that excursion (available at http://ddayinc.com/stymie [new window]). I didn’t get any shots from the shady parts of the train ride. There are some nice shots of Chicago’s Union Station in there, though. That place puts Indy’s shanty-of-a-trainstation to shame.

Had some pretty good times. Hung out, ate well (the Omega in Des Plaines is a breakfast favorite), and lost a little cash playing Black Jack on a riverboat in Elgin, IL. Then, caught a ride back to Fishers w/ a friend (my buddy’s dad), after setting up their new iMac for them.

Pretty good trip, overall. Didn’t have any narcoleptic episodes — the drug dosage levels continue to drop. Might be heading back to work somewhat soon. That’ll be the end of the exciting train rides for a while…

That’s it for now

Big Matt


Well, I recently received an invitation to hang out in Chi-Town for a short while. The issue: getting there without driving. The solution: ride a train. If you’ve not been in the Indianapolis train station, get there. Especially early morning — breath-taking.

I then [eventually] boarded the train in the pre-dawn darkness and with very little on-board light. I found my seat and was completely comfortable with my safety, though I could not see the person seated next to me. About five (5) hours later, I was [finally] safely in the Windy City. Whew. I do not know if it was the meds, but I came close to hoarking in the spacious latrine on the smooth-riding train. Maybe it was just the constant jostling…

So, here I am, both chilling and kicking it. Fewer meds as I go (skipping doses and such). Barely any withdrawal symptoms (just the chilling). There are a few pix of the train stuff that I will probably get posted, eventually. I know that people are on the edge of their seat in anticipation…

Big Matt — out

Not much exciting

Things have been moving along about the same. Still trying to cut back on the dosages without bringing on the pain. The lumpy back is kind of smoothing out. I can almost lie on my back without feeling like a teeter-totter.

I got a ride out to the sticks again, and worked on a wood-working project a bit (some 6″ salt and pepper shakers). I believe that it is a good idea to be operating a sander while looped out on narcotics.

I’m guessing that people are quite tired of taxiing my silly ass all around the country side. Soon, I’ll be able to burn up the asphalt like I once did… soon. That’s it for now, I guess.

Picture Proof

After a non-tedious, not-extremely-involved, barely-any-work-involved evening, I finally posted some pix. The gallery goes from the night before surgery to the start of February.

Warning: if you are faint of heart, weak in constitution, pregnant or expecting to be, overly nervous, or are the proud owner/user of a pacemaker, you might not want to see all of the pictures.

Naw, it’s not that bad. There are some gnarly shots in there, though. Do not say that you were not warned. For those unaccustomed to galleries — they contain albums and such. You click on them to see more pictures. You can also click on the desired picture to see a larger version of it. What a great, interactive way to share… See the albums at:
Back Surgery ’06

Enjoy, and let me know which one weakens your stomach the most.

Big Matt